About StoreTown

  • Storetown.net allows you to brand your presence with your logo and colours. Creating pages and content to complement your brand and products.

    Extended features allow you to present your company not only to existing customers through this easy to use system but also find new customers through increased visitor numbers to the platform looking for your products and services.

  • You are no longer a static listing in a directory, the more you enhance your web presence through storetown.net the more opportunities you open up for your company and brand to be found. Remember it’s local and for small businesses so we say no to big brands.

  • As your site/presence grows and is indexed by the search engines, the profiles and products/services of your customers will start appearing in search results, increasing visitors to your site and building your brand further.

Advertise Your
Products and

Remember once you have an account on storetown.net - you are in control. With storetown’s easy to use management system which gives you 24/365 access to update your site, your products and services.

Take control and push your promotions and advertise through the storetown network. Manage banner positions and place vouchers to generate more interest and engagement.

Analyse Your

Simple to use and understand statistics allow you to see exactly what people are viewing when they are getting to your site, how and where they came into your site is also extremely important.

Use this data to remarket products and services, make changes to the way your products are listed, and even become more aggressive with your pricing.

Allowing you to promote and get in front of these visitors is vital however encouraging them to share and promote your business to their friends is more so.Get your customers to like your company, share it on Facebook and other social networks. Giving you a bigger scope and attention.

Be proactive with your promotions and remember it’s local so get people to visit your store to view your products - Try before you buy.

  • Encouraging people to 'Like' your company, allows you to broadcast messages to them. Whether these are promotions, vouchers, open/discount days, or simply informing them of news and events. This keeps you actively engaged with your audience and you can also measure feedback. Allow them to share your information between their social networks helping more people to view your profile and increasing your reach.

    Storetown allow people to subscribe to promotion and subscriber lists, targeting specific products or services. You can purchase this service to target new customers with your offering knowing that they are actively interested in your products and services.

  • Shopping and selling locally has massive benefits for companies and also for the local economy. In this digital age where the best deals seem to be from larger companies online with buying power means that local economy is struggling.

    Storetown.net allows you to promote and sell at a local level, enhancing your brand at a fraction of national campaigns. The returns are easily measured and it forms a great starting point to see how your digital solution will evolve.

With storetown’s easy to manage admin area you can regularly update your site to keep it fresh and current with any offers and promotions you may be running.

Gain valuable insights into your visitors, their behaviors, enquiries and into the future purchases made from your storetown site.